A2 Milk

A2 Protein: The Original Protein

Not all milk proteins are created equal. Over time, things change. Did you know the original protein in milk was the A2 protein? Yes! Cows thousands of years ago produced milk exclusively containing this protein. About 5,000 years ago, a natural mutation occurred creating a new variant known as A1 protein.

Today, cows produce both A1 and/or A2 protein in their milk. Approximately one third of cows produce only A1 protein, one third of cows produce only A2 protein and the remainder of cows are a mix of A1 and A2. A2 Milk is a naturally occurring cow’s milk and we don’t do anything to the cows to get A1 free milk – we just choose cows that only produce A2. Which protein they produce is a result of genetics, just like having brown eyes versus blue eyes. Although there are some breeds of cows that may have a higher percentage of A2 only, they still need to be tested to confirm they are A1 free. Neat, right?

Why is the original protein best?

So why is A2 protein the better protein? And why should you choose milk that only contains A2 protein? Published research has found this type of milk is naturally easier on digestion and may help avoid discomfort in some people and has the same nutrition and creamy, delicious flavour as regular dairy milk. When you choose this type of milk, you may experience less tummy discomfort. Sticking to milk that contains only the A2 protein can make all the difference in having a great start to your day!

The science behind the benefits

If your healthcare professional hasn’t diagnosed you with lactose intolerance, your digestion issues may be related to the proteins you’re consuming in your current milk products. Focusing on milk containing only the A2 protein may help alleviate stomach discomfort related to consuming dairy products.

A peer-reviewed study, published in Nutrition Journal took a closer look at the A1 and A2 proteins found in conventional milk and how they affect the body. The study reports milk-related discomfort symptoms may result from the ingestion of A1 protein type rather than lactose in some individuals.

Is it time to Rethink Your Milk? If you want the very best for your family and yourself, choose A2 Milk, containing the original, better protein. Happier digestion is just a sip away!

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