Indian cow breed produce A2 Milk. A2 Milk contains A2 beta casein,which is 80% of total protein content of A2 milk.Daily consumption of A2 milk prevents Obesity, Improve brain function, Promotes digestion, Prevents joint pain, Cures Asthma, Improves immunity, Reduces acidity, Helps in reducing chances of breast and skin cancer. A2 milk is one of the best natural anti-oxidants that enhances Memory Power and Prevents migraine headache. After mother’s milk, it is A2 milk only which gives full energy and protection.GoSrushti A2 Milk is available at your doorstep, Fresh and Pure, delivered within 12 hours of milking.

A2 Milk
  • One of the best natural anti-oxidants.
  • Improve brain function.
  • Promotes digestion.
  • Prevents obesity.
  • Increase breast milk production in feeding mothers.
  • Prevents joint pain, asthma and mental problems.
  • Promotes good kidney health.
  • Increases immunity.
  • Reduces acidity.
  • Helps in reducing chances of breast and skin cancer.
  • After mother’s milk, it is cow’s milk only which gives energy and full protection.
  • Detoxifies Body.
  • Enhances Memory Power.
  • Increases clarity of Voice.
  • Helps in reduction against PMS symptoms in the menstruation cycle.
  • Prevents migraine headache.
  • Good for thyroid.

A1 & A2 Milk Difference
  • A2 Milk Desi Cow milk
  • Indian Desi cows produce A2 milk which containsA2 Beta casein.
  • Desi cow milk only contains the A2 protein and no A1.
  • High level of Omega 3 that cleans the cholesterol deposits of blood vessels
  • Cerebrosicles present in A2 milk increases brain power.
  • Strontium of A2 milk enhances the body immunity and plotects from harmful radiation.
  • A1 Milk Ordinary milk
  • Jersey cow produce A1 milk which containsA1 Beta casein.
  • All ordinary milk has a mixture of A1 and A2 proteins.
  • Harmful to human body.
  • Autism, Schizophrenia.Stomach Ulcer, Type 1 diabetes & cardiac disease.
  • Holsteins and Friesians are not native breeds of India.

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Gir Cows

The origin of the breed is in the Gir forest region and surrounding districts of Saurashtra region of Gujarat State. It is a moderate to large size breed. The females average 385 kg with a height of 130 cm and the males average 545 kg with a height of 135 cm. The average milk yield for the Gir is 1590 kg per lactation, with a record production of 3182 kg at 4.5% fat in India. In Brazil they average 3500 kg per lactation, with a world record production of 17.120 kg by the cow Profana de Brasília. The body colour is shining red to spotted white. Skin is soft, thin, and glossy.

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Gir Cow